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#1 "COUNTRY" by Cassanova Marcell ft. Trully Polk & New Cupid

Carolyn D. BakerI would just like to start off with giving thanks for seeing another day and still being able to expose the industry. Throughout the last nineteen in a half year, I have experienced the true essence of the Arts In All It’s Forms, and believe me when I say that the adventure has truly been what keeps me satisfied. What I mean by that is when I first started in the media business it was with newspaper that covered everything including politics which to this day find no pleasure, so when I started Jamsource it was for the sole purpose of exposing the entertainment industry, and eventually included the Runway to cover the fashion industry which proved to be a joyful adventure.

Now that this year marks twenty years of supporting the industry and discovering all the beautiful elements that make it what it is in music, fashion, art, and many other categories that creates the entertainment industry. I would like to send a special thank you to all of those that supported the publication and look forward to continuing with the Blessing from Above.

Best Wishes,


Carolyn D. Baker

Please everyone Stay Safe and follow the guidelines


Jamsource™/Runway Fashion Source© Magazine is an entertainment and fashion print and online publication established in 2001, for the sole purpose of exposing the independent arts and culture that is so embedded in the States as well overseas. Although Jamsource/Runway is based in Houston, Texas our coverage and circulation is an ongoing process that is continuously growing nationally and internationally.

The Founder/Publisher Carolyn D. Baker a native of Southern California moved to San Antonio, Texas in the early 80’s, where she began her journalism career with the oldest Black Newspaper San Antonio Register.

The new millennium brought Carolyn to Houston, Texas in pursuit of starting Jamsource/Runway Magazine™. She realized that the emerging entertainment and fashion scene needed a more in depth source to spotlight the independent as well, as national. We strive to make the magazine cater to the readers by supplying quality articles related to all the facets of the arts.

Jamsource/Runway serves the interest of everyone who enjoys living life to the fullest while standing firm on issues that impact our State and World.

Our target group of people are the ones who like finding adventure in their own backyard and beyond!

Jamsource™/Runway Fashion Source© Magazineis a strong supporter of the Arts and have participated in several community and national events with sponsorship and hosting.

  • 2008 – Hosted 8Th Anniversary Cosmic Fall & Winter Fashion & So. Texas Extravaganza, Houston, TX.

  • 2010 – Hosted Beautiful Bold Curves Runway Show, Houston, TX.

  • 2012 – Hosted Beautiful Bold Curves Runway Show, Houston, TX.

  • 2012 – HALS Awards, Beverly Hills, CA.
  • 2013 – NBA All-Stars Golf and Legends of Basketball, Houston, TX.

  • 2014 – Houston’s FUNomenal Family Festival, Houston, TX.

  • 2015 – Fall of Signature Essence (FOSE) Runway Show, Houston, TX.

  • There Is More To Come So Stay Tuned !


JAMSOURCE Entertainment Magazine Online Staff

Founder / Publisher
Carolyn D. Baker

Cynthia Allen

Javonne Harris

Amanda Sapp

Natalie Young

Marketing Promotions
Inaam Salik

Webmaster/Graphic Designer
Mitchell J. Dupre Sr.

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Mr. Fidelis Intreview

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Kizzo Intreview

Le'Jit  Intreview I

Shelia Piper Moore  Intreview

Kizzo Intreview

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As our journey continue to expand our readership around the world, we understand it's all about providing updated insight into the underground entertainment industry, more so than already known national. The "GLOBAL TAKEOVER" was created to take that journey full force and It has been our sole purpose since 2001 to provide an outlet for the artist to expand their horizon and move forward with recognition around the world. Visit Us

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Born in Mansfield, Louisiana, Hall attended Crispus Attucks middle school and later moving to Houston, Texas where he attended Worthing High School, where under the direction from the school band director Sammy D. Harris, tuned his interest to jazz. Hall soon attended Texas Southern University where he studied piano and trumpet, with achieving many soloist awards in big-band competitions. He soon married Lula E. Baker-Hall in 1969, and with so much in common she soon became his road manger. Arnett Cobb soon after discovered him and took him to see Duke Ellington. When the two were introduced, Ellington asked, "How come you're not playing in my band?

Hall joined the Duke Ellington Orchestra on June 8, 1973. After Ellington died the following year, Hall continued to play with the band under the direction Ellington's son, Mercer Ellington. After Mercer Ellington died in 1996, Hall conducted the Duke Ellington Orchestra for one year after and remained the replacement director when Paul Ellington was unable to perform. During his time with Mercer Ellington, Hall was given Cootie Williams's last trumpet by Williams himself before he died and was known as the inheritor of Williams's style of playing

Later in life, Hall was music director at Liberty Baptist Church. With a background in gospel music, he was able to lead the Duke Ellington's Third Sacred Concert in 2001, in which he performed as bandleader with a two hundred-voice choir.[4] Wishing to see more of Ellington's works performed in churches, he brought performances to Yugoslavia to an audience of three thousand in a cathedral, with the music broadcast to an audience of ten thousand people outside the church.

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Barrie Lee Hall, Jr. - Topic


In the last six years of his life, Hall traveled to Switzerland every April and was a guest soloist with a big band made up of musicians from the United States which included Shelley Carrol and Randy Brecker. During the last year of his life, he conducted the youth orchestra and was part of the Conrad Johnson Big-Band.

"Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour"

Singer Robert Hawkins is an independent artist who has an incredible drive for music ministry and is a one-man machine when it comes to building and managing his music career. Robert is a Michigan native who has released a Billboard Chart-topping EP - RESERVED and HAPPY Music DVD that debuted at #10 on the Billboard Top Music Videos Chart. His current Urban Inspirational single "Finished Work" showcases Robert's exuberant contemporary Gospel and Worship style.

Robert is bringing his fervent worship and edgy urban praise to the virtual space. Robert kicks off his "Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour" this week. From July 24 - August 1 fans can join Robert, his band, his singers, and his dancers for a vibrant virtual worship experience. The "Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour" will stream across multiple platforms by multiple tour sponsors and organizations.

"I'm doing this tour to bring some Hope, Joy and happiness into homes across the world during this pandemic," Robert says. "This tour is a reminder that God is still in control. This tour is also a way for me to introduce my original music that I've recorded and released to the world via the virtual space!"

Fans can watch and worship on Facebook or Youtube from July 24 - August 1 and stream Robert's "Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour".

"Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour"

"Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour"

"Worship N The Warehouse Virtual Tour" Schedule:

July 24 8PM EST

July 25 6PM EST

July 26 11:30AM & 6PM EST and - Empowerment Christian Church

July 27 7PM CST

July 28 8PM EST
and - Sounds of Worship

July 29 8PM EST

July 30 7PM CST
Church of the Living God National Youth Convention

July 31 7PM EST

Aug 1 8PM EST

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DRK 2 LGHT Unveil Official Music Video
For Sophomore Single "Fix My Heart" 

CD Porter, Javon Inman, and Rob Mercer are DRK 2 LGHT, one of Gospel music's hottest rising super-groups.  They have a brotherhood that is bonded through their love for God, love for music, and love for life.  This exudes from every lyric they write, every chord they play, and every enrapturing performance they present.

Their sophomore single is a sizzling twist on the traditional Gospel format.  "Fix My Heart" dishes out a hefty dose of electric guitar, a chorus of fierce background singers, and DRK 2 LGHT's soulful and fiery vocals to make a standout track that is heating up Gospel radio.

"Fix My Heart is an electrifying work of art! Vocally, these gentlemen give us their hearts with an amazing harmony while making a plea to the Lord," says Tony D, WAAW Shout 94.7 FM Music Director.  "I found the simplicity and complexity of the instrumentation to be sheer genius.  I promise it will motivate you and your days will be better for it."

DRK 2 LGHT teamed up with director Lionel Rawlings of Lions key Productions to shoot the official music video for "Fix My Heart".  Rawlings captures DRK 2 LGHT's dynamic performance and chemistry as a group while guiding the viewers through an emotional and gripping storyline.  

You can now watch and share the "Fix My Heart" Official Music Video on the DRK 2 LGHT YouTube channel.

"Fix My Heart" audio single is available on all digital music platforms and is climbing the BDS and Media base Gospel radio charts.   The song and group are gaining fans and favor.

"I've heard so many wonderful things about this group.  Fix My Heart is skyrocketing, and I wanted to be a part of it. Congratulations and may God's favor be upon the three of you," says The Rose of Gospel, Dorinda Clark Cole.



1.) Cassanova Marcell ft. Trully Polk & New Cupid ..... Country ..... Good Music Group

2.) Keith Frank and The Soileau Zydeco Band ..... Sweet Pea (1995) ..... Southwood Records

3.) Candy Dulfer ............. Crazy ft. Printz Board (2011) ............. Heads Up International

4.) Boney James ....................... Sara Smile (2017) ....................... Concord Records

5.) Mel Waiters ....................... Got My Whiskey (2011) ....................... Brittney Records

6.) Peggy Scott-Adams .......... Not Go Enough to Marry (2012) .......... Nora Records

7.) Rifica ................................. Different (2017) ................................. RIFICA Records

8.) Bone Thugs N Harmony ............... Crossroads (1999) ............... Lozt Studios

9.) Al Lindsey ............. Pop It, Shake It, Work It (2007) ............. Pulsating Music

10.) Honey Blo ........... Love & Alcohol Just Don’t Mix (2017) ........... Honey Blo Records

11.) Rockstar Jon .......... Do Something Naughty (2018) .......... Independent

12.) The Lonesome River Band ... Sitting On Top Of World (2010) ...Mountain Home Music Co.

Black Panther Soundtrack

Welcome to the JAMSOURCE Entertainment Magazine Photo Gallery. Here we will be featuring Slide Shows and Videos of people who JAMSOURCE has captured in the surrounding areas and events of Texas.

The Southlawn Palm Apartment 2nd Annual Christmas Drive 2019

As we close out another year in Houston, Texas, with the Holiday Spirit of Giving, that is just what we done with the collaboration of many working hard towards making , read more ...

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The Archway Gallery
Found Objects
Featuring New Sculptures by Joe Hale Haden

Joe Haden

The artwork has a rustic feel for those that enjoy that ranch style living, and if you want to add a conversation piece to a modern look. Haden’s specialty is re-purposing found objects, trash, or scrap materials, with the intent of changing the viewer’s perception of that object. He elicits a renewed interest in an object by de-emphasizing its usefulness -- altering its original purpose for a greater beauty.

In this exhibition, Haden juxtaposes organic and non-organic shapes, marrying their superficial differences. His metal cutting technique relies on light and shadow of the positive and negative space to help transform the perception of an object. The result is an analytical experience of how an object which has been discarded, or had its original, practical use retired or rendered non-functional, can still have purpose with an altered perspective.


Viewing of Joe Hole Haden runs throughout the month of June 2021


The Archway Gallery first mission statement: "Archway Gallery is a partnership of regionally and nationally recognized professional artists. The gallery concept evolved to provide a showplace for these talented members to exhibit their work and to insure artistic freedom and individual control of quality and content. These artists are committed to promoting art with the community and to educating the public and an understanding and sharing of aesthetic ideals and purposes."
Oldest artist owned gallery in Texas


Visit Us


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Dr. Rev. Robert Santee can be found in the Baseball Almanac for being drafted in the first-round draft pick by the Houston Astros #6, Robert Santee graduated from Carver dale High School to become a pitcher for the Houston Astros. and now retired from the game he along with his wife Dr. Roschell Santee have partnered in a campaign to Pitch for Jesus Ministry.

Rev. Santee and his wife host various fund-raising gala in Houston, Texas benefiting organization such as the (HAWC) Houston Area Women’s Center shelter to establish funds for their organization. Mr. Robert Santee goes out to feed the homeless and he attends a weekly Prayer and speaking session for the Star of Hope, ministering with men that are released from the Harris County Jail and prison.

As he move forward in his quest to spread the word and help the city various organization, there is a story to be told about his journey. Rev. Santee is now in the process of writing his biography along with the help of Allen Graham, and sight of a movie deal about his life on and off the field.

Read more ...

by Larry Buford

Last night I finally saw the original Amazon movie, One Night In Miami, and glad I did! Centered around the Sonny Liston vs. Cassius Clay world heavyweight championship title fight in February 1964, this drama film – directed by (first time out director) Regina King; screenplay by Kemp Powers – was able to capture a perspective of that era that I often think about. The setting was a fictional hotel room meeting of the main characters – Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir); Cassius Clay (Eli Goree); Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge); and Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.).

Staged in Miami, Florida, we listened to the fight on the radio. Clay was not favored to win. My father, uncle and their friends favored Liston and considered Clay a loudmouth 22-year old youngster who didn’t have a chance against his 32-year old opponent. I figured they knew what they were talking about – my Uncle Fred had recently taken me to a gym to see Archie Moore (the longest reigning World Light Heavyweight Champion of all time) sparring in the ring. What a sight!

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Sylissa Sanders

I was age 10. My family had moved from Detroit to Los Angeles just two years earlier after my seven-week old brother died. Although it had only been three months since President Kennedy was assassinated, it was still a time pregnant with promise for a Black boy to be transplanted from a dismal factory town where most homes were still spouting dark gray smoke from their chimneys, to the sunshine state of California!

All I knew about Sam Cooke when we left Detroit was a few songs like “Cupid” (which I loved and sang all the time), “Twistin’ The Night Away” and “Chain Gang.” By the time we moved, his voice had become grittier with songs like “Bring It On Home To Me,” “Havin’ A Party,” “Good Times” and “Somebody Have Mercy.” I loved his music; it did something to me, and I imagined myself one day singing and recording like him. I even made up a song patterned after “Another Saturday Night.” I had no idea the impact he was making in the music world, and on me as I grew older.

At that time, I knew nothing about Malcolm X, and scarcely knew about Dr. King. In my father’s eyes they were radicals, and as I looked up to him, he formed my opinions. My father did not like football, so I never watched the game; never paid any attention to Jim Brown – but this movie brought it all together for me. All those guys were at the top of their game, and Malcolm X brought to fore how Clay (who won the World Heavyweight Champion title then converted to Islam and was given the name Muhammad Ali), Cooke (who had a million dollar contract with RCA and had his own independent record label and publishing company) and Brown (considered the greatest NFL running back of all time) should use their fame and fortune to further the Negro cause for equality. He told them in essence; “No matter how much money you got, you’re still a nigger!”

At 10 years old, I was writing speeches and pounding on the table mimicking JFK; I was trying to write and sing like Sam Cooke; I had all these hopes and dreams! Then, what started with JFK, and continued on with the murder of Sam Cooke in December 1964, the murder of Malcolm X in February 1965, my hopes and dreams began to diminish. The word “murder” had dampened my spirit with despair, and I questioned “Is this what happens to people who dare to dream and achieve?”

Today, when young people watch movies like “Roots” or “Twelve Years A Slave,” they make comments like, “If I were back in those days, I wouldn’t take that!” What they don’t realize is we’re still “taking it” even now! How much celebrity, fortune and fame will it take for Blacks and other races – as we’re seeing now in the Asian community – to be recognized as equals, and given the respect and dignity we all, as human beings, deserve?

The message in this movie is about the sacrifices the characters made, at whatever the cost, even unto death, to make a difference. Although I have accomplished a few things that I’m proud of, this reminder challenged me to seek the Lord to renew my strength, and to use everything within my power to fight for justice, righteousness and all that is well-pleasing in God’s sight! How about you?

Please share your thoughts in the user-friendly, no-obligation comment section below.

Larry Buford is a Los Angeles-based contributing writer. Author of “Things Are Gettin’ Outta Hand” and “Book To The Future” (Amazon); two insightful books that speak to our moral conscience in times like these. Email:

Giving one hell of show LT & The Zydeco Mob out did their selves once again at Saturday Zydeco Steppin’ held at DD’s BBQ Restaurant & Sports Lounge a newly opened business in the Alief area of Houston, TX. The restaurant has incorporated live entertainment to give an outlet for the local artist to perform which is a plus for the community and the artist.

LT & The Zydeco Mob have been trail blazin’ the Houston and surrounding area over 15 years giving the party that special zydeco flava’ and keeping the audience on their feet.

For booking call 713 295-9466 * Connect on Facebook @ ZMob
DD’s BBQ Restaurant & Sport Lounge * 9705 Synott Rd. Houston, TX. 77083
Video Credit: Jamsource Runway Magazine

Photo & Video Credits: Jamsource Runway Magazine

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Ja'Vonne Harris
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Web Page Hosted By JAMSOURCE

The allure of South Walton is as clear as our shoreline. Escape to a refreshing hideaway where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Admire the beauty of some of the best Gulf beaches. Marvel at the diverse architecture that defines our vibrant communities. We promise you an experience filled with lasting memories.

  • Miramar Beach
  • Seascape
  • Sandestin
  • Dune Allen
  • Gulf Place
  • Santa Rosa Beach
  • Blue Mountain
  • Grayton Beach
  • WaterColor
  • Seaside
  • Seagrove
  • WaterSound
  • Seacrest
  • Alys Beach
  • Rosemary Beach
  • Inlet Beach

Whether you're a golfer or a hiker, a foodie or a shopaholic, an outdoor enthusiast or a weekend warrior, the 16 unique beach neighborhoods of South Walton have an amazing array of activities for you to explore during your beach vacation.

The area's beautiful landscape has inspired many artists to move their studios and galleries here, giving visitors a wide variety of arts & culture options, from the Gulf Place shops in Santa Rosa Beach to the Ruskin Artist Colony in Seaside. If it's the art of nature that you appreciate, South Walton has several ways to get up close and personal with the outdoors, whether it's in the water on a kayak, YOLO board, or fishing boat… or by exploring the hiking and biking trails in our state parks and other natural areas. Afterwards, there's plenty of time for some spa or retail therapy, hundreds of mouth-watering places to eat, and several beautiful bike trails and golf courses to play on! So check out the activities below, and start planning your great South Walton getaway today.

From grand beach houses overlooking the Gulf of Mexico to cozy romantic cottages, South Walton has a wide variety of beach accommodations ideal for that perfect vacation for two... or twenty people. There are also full-service resorts to pamper you, family-friendly hotels to keep you comfortable, and campsites and RV resorts to get you close to nature. Start your search here.

South Walton is known for its turquoise waters and sugar white sand beaches, but there are many reasons that the area beckons visitors back year after year. So, if you're looking for some ideas for rainy day activities or just a little time beyond the beach, you'll be sure to find what you're looking in South Walton. We've got specific suggestions for family fun, golf outings, amazing culinary experiences or even places to find some cool local art. Plus, if you're looking to enjoy South Walton on a budget or even pretend that you live here, we've got a few "insider" secrets to help you create a perfect vacation on your perfect beach.


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Motown Museum welcomes the public to a unique cultural celebration of the legendary Motown artist Marvin Gaye spanning from Woodward Avenue to the front steps of Hitsville U.S.A

DETROIT — The 50th anniversary celebration of Marvin Gaye’s iconic “What’s Going On” album continues with the “Still Going On” Motown Mile Walk, a new outdoor, walkable installation from Motown Museum. This installation, sponsored by SONY Music Publishing, opens to the public on Saturday, June 19. Motown Museum Chairwoman and CEO Robin Terry made the announcement.

Each stop along the “Still Going On” Motown Mile installation is a pairing of historical and contemporary photographs with selected tracks from the album meant to inspire introspection and conversation about what has—and hasn’t—changed since the groundbreaking album was first released in 1971. Visitors can scan the code on each image to enjoy a track from the album and experience Marvin’s words for themselves as part of the installation. 

The photographs of this walkable art exhibit stretch from Woodward Avenue to the front steps of Hitsville U.S.A. on West Grand Boulevard, and the thought provoking images draw parallels to timely cultural issues today through tracks like:

“What’s Going On” 
“What’s Happening Brother” 
“Mercy Mercy Me” 
“Save the Children” 
“God Is Love”
“Inner City Blues”

“This year, we’re celebrating the prolific and iconic artist Marvin Gaye, with global recognition of his legendary album that was released 50 years ago but still holds meaning and relevance today,” Terry said. “As part of our continued recognition of Marvin’s words and his work, we’re incredibly proud to welcome the public to our ‘Still Going On’ Motown Mile installation this weekend, creating the opportunity for Detroiters and visitors to the city to take a thoughtful journey with tracks from this meaningful album and consider what Marvin’s words mean today. We encourage everyone to visit and engage with this free, first outdoor installation from Motown Museum and remain inspired by the words and spirit of ‘What’s Going On’ through the remainder of this year in honor of Marvin.”

The song and album “What’s Going On” have cemented a position in American cultural history, representative of the widespread social conflict and struggles of 1971 that continue to be present today. Marvin Gaye composed a musical collection that soothed a nation divided by a war abroad in Vietnam and racial tensions at home in response to the suffering he saw across the United States and around the world. 

The installation is open to the public on Saturday, June 19. Media is invited to visit the installation as a preview on Friday, June 18 at 2 p.m. The free, open to the public installation will remain available for the community to enjoy through September. Guests must bring a headset or earbuds to enjoy the individual experience of the album. 

Motown Museum will continue to celebrate the artistic genius, legacy and cultural impact of Marvin Gaye throughout the year. A street naming ceremony is planned on Saturday at 11:30 a.m., with Marvin Gaye Drive to be revealed at the corner of Monica Street and Outer Drive where Gaye once lived and the album was conceptualized. The year began with the dedication of “What’s Going On” Day in partnership with the State of Michigan and Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Jan. 20. The museum also released a limited-edition ‘What’s Going On’ branded retail collection both in store and online. The merchandise collection can be purchased at

About Motown Museum
Founded in 1985 by Esther Gordy Edwards, Motown Museum is a 501(c)(3) not for profit, tax-exempt organization in Detroit. The museum is committed to preserving, protecting and presenting the Motown story through authentic, inspirational and educational experiences. Announced in late 2016, the Motown Museum expansion will grow the museum to a 50,000-square-foot world-class entertainment and education tourist destination featuring dynamic, interactive exhibits, a performance theater, recording studios, an expanded retail experience and meeting spaces designed by renowned architects and exhibit designers. When completed, the new museum campus will have a transformative impact on the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods, providing employment, sustainability and community pride by serving as an important catalyst for new investment and tourism in the historic area.


For more information on Motown Museum, visit

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