New Addition

Duke EjioforDuke Ejiofor – he’s one of the most talented rookies on the Texans roster. He was passed by several teams being drafted in the 3rd round of this NFL draft. The Texans didn’t have a pick until the 3rd round, however; they chose wisely. Consider they already had Watt and Clowney at defensive end, Ejiofor was too good to be sitting on the bench. Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel move the talented DE to outside linebacker. You might ask, what sets him apart? I looked up his 40 time it’s 4.8, not very speedy for an outside linebacker but weighs in at 274lbs at 6’4″. Then I remembered why the Texans drafted him in the first place. Duke Ejiofor have more moves and counter moves than some veterans in the NFL, this will make it hard for tackles, TEs and backs to block him. A linebacker who has those types of moves. Teams might have to game plan for him also. I don’t know about his coverage skills but his run defense and pass rush gives the Texans another edge on their defense.

Look for Duke Ejiofor to make allot of noise this season playing outside linebacker.