NBA Draft

Houston Rockets LogoScottie Pippen and  Gary Payton is who I see in the Rockets new addition of the 2018 Draft. De’Anthony Melton point guard from USC is the best defensive PG in the 2018 Draft and is considered a steal since he was drafted in the 2nd round.

The key Melton doesn’t have to be a scorer on a team of scorers, his defense allow others to score in transition which he is at his best. He has 6’8″ wing span, why is that important? He is able to defend more ground similar to Scottie Pippen who was 6’8″ with a 7’3″ wing span which helped when in zone defenses. Like Pippen he was able to steal passes in passing lanes and block shots at 6’3″. Just a foot shorter than Gary Payton he’s probably the best defending guard in the draft. His defense will allow Hardin, Gordon more freedom for scoring.

The Rockets also gained another draft pick, Vince Edwards from Purdue. He has a freshness about him, you can’t sleep on him because of his slashing style. He can shoot from the outside giving the Rockets more fire power.

Here is the real issue, will Chris Paul stay? Will LeBron James sign with Houston? How different will Houston be compared to OKC when they had James Harden, Kevin Durrant, and Russell Westbrook? Will they keep their draft picks?

I think Harden left to get away from an all star line up now here he is again, might have to share time 2.0 with LeBron James. People can say what they want about Kevin Durrant but he play well with others a true mark of a real champion.