Houston Texans

The Houston Texans 2017 season looked promising. They had two of the leagues best defensive end combo in Wyatt and Clowney, a young group of linebackers and defensive backs. It seem to me that their Quarterback position was solved. Deshaun Watson with 7 games in led all NFL quarterbacks with 19 passing touchdowns as a rookie despite their lack of having a running game. When Watson and Wyatt was lost for the season it seem to affect the team a great deal. Only 9 touchdowns were thrown between the 3 remaining quarterback for the rest of the season. The defense held its own but was on the field too long and too often since the Texans didn’t have a running game.

This season looks promising, they seem to have in place some veterans they signed through free agency who could fill several holes in offense and defense.


Brandon WeedonQB: Brandon Weedon – He’s not the long team answer but as a backup he is better than what they had last season. I actually though Brandon was the answer to the Dallas Cowboy woes at the position when coming out of college.

When he was later signed by the Cowboys its was a temporary thing, just until Tony Romo pinky get better or whatever injury he had at that time. Going to Tennessee was no better. I think going to the Browns was the worst thing that could happen to him. He left a team who had no idea how to build an offense around their QB to a team who was in denial that their starting QB was a backup to a team who had no passing identity.   His experience will help the QB position the Texans in 2018.

S: Tyrann Mathieu – He has a knack of being around the football, he’s the kind of player fan would get out of their seats too see him play ( a big play in the making ). Playing strong safety will help their run defense and overall pass rush. Mathieu is an extra blitzer teams have to worry about.

If he can stay healthy Mathieu might give fans what they saw at LSU. He has the ability to get the ball back for the offense. His fan base should grow even more since he’s in Houston and not far from his hometown New Orleans.

CB: Johnathan Joseph – It made sense to re-sign Joseph who is their best DB. At 33 he still has the speed and the experience to cover elite receivers in the NFL. Having Mathieu will make his job much easier. I look for Joseph and Kevin Johnson to have a big year in the secondary.


CB: Aaron Colvin – The best slot cover corner in the game and thats not to say he can’t play outside. Colvin clogs the middle with his presence. There is no room for a quarterback to complete a pass and if he tries the pass is incomplete or a turnover. Having Mathieu ( who also played slot DB )and Colvin will force the opponent QB to look elsewhere to throw the ball or get sacked when pressured. Plus having Colvin on the team will force the other DBs to step-up their game.

G: Senio Kelemete – Probably one of the players who saved the Saints season in 2017. He plays like a starter when in the game. He maybe one of the most versatile OL in football. He had to play both Tackle and Guard spots when the starters were injured. He been blocking for Drew Brees for 3 years with 22 starts 8 of which was last season. Seem like the Texans are making sure Watson will be protected this season.


G: Zach Fulton – Solidifying the middle is important especially during pass protection. The main reason why Watson had to run last reason because of the lack of pass protection in the middle. Fulton is the first step in building a wall between Watson and the opponent defense. Kelemente and Fulton should help the running game. With 8 touchdowns and the quarterback has two of the 8 in 2017, the offense needed more balance. Fulton along with Seantrel Henderson can open more running lanes.

T: Seantrel Henderson – Henderson can be a force again … it seem like Buffalo is letting go all their good talent who help the reach their first playoff game in 17 years. The Texans are glad to have him and although he’s not a promised starter he could provide debt at tackle.