The NFL Draft

NFL Draft Logo 2018The NFL Draft 2018 took place Apr 26, 2018 – Apr 28, 2018 in  AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. My thoughts about this years draft was that the media seem to criticize teams who didn’t draft headline players. If the player wasn’t going to give them fantasy points, it was a bad pick. I do admit some teams seem clueless about their picks but why the surprise it’s why they have one of the first 5 picks every year.

What is a draft grade, it has never won a game so it means nothing. If you look at the Quarterbacks selected in the 2011 draft only 3 are starters. Cam Newton is the only QB in that draft 1st round who has started from day 1. Colin Kaepernick, Andy Dalton drafted in the 2nd round and Tyrod Taylor drafted in the 6th round who guided the Buffalo Bills to their first playoff game in 17 years. According to the media none of those guys except Cam Newton received any recognition as the latter 3 first rounders did. Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, and Christian Ponder #1s who are all backups in the NFL.

If the media gave your team a low grade don’t take it to heart, they have been wrong on many accounts. It’s a guessing game and based on stats and not a man’s heart. 

… don’t go to sleep on the Texans :

They now have stability on the OL, confidence on the Defensive back-end and a vet at QB. The Texans took care of their needs through free agency by finding protection for Deshaun Watson, securing and the back-end on defense with 3 play-making DBs and focused on the draft to fill in the rest.

I look for the Texans to win more game due to their defense and offensive line. My only concern is their running game … can it compete with Jacksonville and Tennessee?