A Good Trade


Now that the deal is done, what role will Camelo Anthony play for his new team the Houston Rockets? As long as I could remember Anthony has always been a starter for every team he played for; as a rookie he was drafted as the 3rd pick overall by the Denver Nuggets behind Lebron James the 1st and Darko Miličić the 2nd pick overall. He played for the Denver Nuggets, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder where he was a starter for 16 seasons. Now going into his 17th season his role might be coming off the bench.

Anthony’s defense at times might be suspect but his offense has made him a 10x All Star, 6x All-NBA, and Scoring Champ 2012-13. He will probably be playing Power Forward instead of Small Forward with his 6’8” 240 frame, he’s probably could be the best scoring Power Forward since Karl Malone right now if thats where where he want to focus his game. The Rockets need a scorer off the bench who have no let downs. Anthony has dominated in games as a starter but can he do that coming off the bench.

This trade is a win for the Rockets and their fans, it is clear what the team will look like with the pieces coming together but they are better offensively and solid on the defensive side. They have key veterans coming off the bench and hungry rookies looking to make their mark in the NBA. I could say the NBA Champions will come out of the Western Conference again and the Houston Rockets are getting into the mix.