The 160 Million $ Man

I’m not going to say Houston was the best place for LeBron James because it wasn’t. Yes they hoped he would sign with Houston but Lebron is 33 and probably play longer than Jordan did due to the new rules which allow even less contact. Time wasn’t on Houston’s side and money wasn’t either … yet they did re-sign Chris Paul to a $160 million 4 year deal.

I see CP3 as one of the best point guards (PGs) of his generation. You know there is a “but” in there. But his timely injuries during the playoffs have not helped his teams. When he played for the New Orleans Hornets, the LA Clippers and now the Houston Rockets.  He was injured in all playoff games. Do opposing teams know that if they are physical with CP3 they could eventually get him out the game? The same happened with the Clippers and Rockets, will the Rockets protect their $160 million dollar man or will it be a repeat of last season.

In 2007  the Hornets paid CP3 68 mil. to remain in New Orleans, the Clippers avoided paying Cp3 over 200 mil in 2017.

Chris Paul need to be on the floor during the playoffs. Will they keep their rookie point guard De’Anthony Melton who can play defense and give Paul some rest during the season. Darren Collison drafted by New Orleans was traded away after filling in for Chris Paul when he was injured. He didn’t only fill in he broke records while doing it. Did CP3 get rid of Collison or was it management? In that same season Marcus Thornton help the Hornets stay afloat and traded to the Kings in 2011. The reason why I brought this up, there have been former players who played with Paul say he can’t be trusted. Yes he’s great on the court but behind the scenes he’s more political with management than just one of the guys. Melton might not be on this team for long  especially if he’s as good as advertised.

The Lakers adding LeBron and the Warriors adding Cousins the present looks dim for teams in the West. Keeping CP3 healthy and if James Harden can repeat what he did in 2017 but other players need to step up and play a more constant role. How much juice does Nene has? Can Houston hold on to Clint Capela? Who will replace Trevor Ariza?

These are some of the questions that needs to be answered.

Just My Opinion …