Meet Tennille

At age 34, I made the decision not to allow child birth to end my good time girl life. Transportation Entrepreneur turned Media Maven.  I currently host a podcast, ‘I’m Just Saying’, on Which sent me on a mission to find interesting topics, people, places and locations to report on.

I have also decided to travel to the hottest events and locations around the globe to give my friends an inside look without having to be there. My ultimate goal is to show readers like YOU how to travel the world on your own and attend events like a boss easily, safely, and sometimes with the family in tow.

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Make your Choice

Choose to embrace your truth and dare to live your best life!

My life is truly one big adventure. As a mother of twin boys I take my down time very serious. Love hard, play hard!! If there is an adventure available, I’ll go for it. Every experience makes a great story later.

I choose my mission to Travel for a Living!

Take this time to drop me a line on your big adventure.

I can’t wait to hear what you do in your down time.

Hello world from Simply.Tennille!


Simply.Tennille365 is more than just a blog – it’s a family. It’s a collection of videos and essays striving towards the same goals. The idea was to create something special. To not just write a few blogs and record a few shows/interviews. But to create a community with common interests; who genuinely care about one another – where people can make new friends and laugh and cry together. To me this is the purpose of self sustenance. To create community, not just amongst my friends -but with everyone I meet.

We started the vlog in the summer of ’18. I knew there was strength in numbers but often times find it challenging to link the right team members. I have flown all across the country to find stories I feel like will interest the masses if you will. I found Miss Carolyn Baker and JamSource magazine to be a true supporter of my mission. Collectively working on different projects I decided to launch Simply.Tennille365 here.

Carolyn Baker is known best for her crazy antics and passion for fashion. Her industry knowledge has proven to be a valuable resource. She is the reason this vlog finally became a reality.

The following months have been spent flying back and forth from event to event shooting videos, writing and figuring out who we wanted Simply.Tennille365 to be. The rest is History.

But starting a vlog isn’t easy. Lots of our peers expected us to be making big leaps. Other peoples expectations could have weighed heavily on our decisions and measurement of success. But reflecting on the year and a half we have been in business we know we decided to do 2018 the right way – focus on building the foundations of our band.

2018 was full of some fruitful highs and some crazy lows. Candidly, there were times where I didn’t know what was next.

In the name of seeking vision, we faced multitudes of trials and tribulations. We shot so many videos that will never be used – spent hours recording interviews that probably will never see the light of day – damaged relationships that we probably should not have entertained anyway. We failed multitudes of times in our search for vision for this project. There were times we had waves of negativity in our outlook. We had spurts of doubt, and fear. Some moments almost drove us to throw up our white flag.

But as the great C.S. Lewis wrote, “Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success.”

And for us, we find so much truth in those words. It’s way too easy to focus on failure so let’s change that narrative and look forward to a brighter future and hopefully you will tag along for the journey.

In 2019, we are starting something called Simply.Tennille365. The idea of this vlog is to give you an inside look at what it’s like to be at events and locations all around the country and abroad. Travel and entertainment are different through the eyes of a media maven with as much flair and energy as you can bear. Through this lens, we hope you can get to know us better and hope we can build community with you.

We also plan on releasing tons of new music, touring abroad and so much more.

We look forward to building community with you. We love hearing from ya’ll, so please don’t ever hesitate to shoot us a message.