When It Counts Most

Slim Thug Launches Affordable Personal Protective Equipment This Thursday, July 30, 2020

Houston, Texas, July 28, 2020- Houston-based Rapper & Entrepreneur, Slim Thug was one of the first rappers to announce being diagnosed with Covid-19. Since recovering in April 2020, Slim Thug has made it his mission to encourage Houston and his community to stay safe and healthy. Whether partnering with Smoke Shield to provide over 1,000 hand sanitizers to Metro’s police officers and transportation station or partnering with Mayor Sylvester Turner and the City of Houston’s Mask Up Campaign, Slim Thug is committed to utilizing his voice and platform to help others. 

On Thursday, July 30, 2020, Slim Thug will officially launch his affordable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which consists of stylish masks, disposable masks, face shields, hand sanitizer,  and personalized N95 masks. All of the protective equipment will be on-hand for guests to purchase. The launch event will consist of social distancing for the safety of everyone. Guests will also have an opportunity to meet Slim Thug and friends. “I’m excited to launch my PPE Products as this is a time where safety should be our priority, but we can also make it look like a boss”, says Slim Thug. 
For more information on PPE, please visit https://slimhtx.org/

What Will You Remember?

Mural of George Floyd

Most of us will only remember the broad details of the story of 46 year old George Floyd’s untimely death. They will make a note to say 3 police officers stood idly by, while their superior murdered George. Many will also say that George took his last breath on May 25th while begging in agony for his life to be spared and calling for his deceased mother.

We don’t know the outcome of the cases brought before the courts just yet, but what we do know is George Floyd’s death has sparked an undeniable flame in the lives of people all over the world. It was important to review this murder right now so no one forgets.

No one should forget the outrage in the hearts of the protesters and looters of all skin types, ages, and nationalities. No one should forget that they took to the streets together as one united force. No one should forget the anguish felt by mothers all over the world as they relived the treacherous acts that took their sons as well. No one must forget the police officers going into work daily not saying a word trying to protect themselves and their livelihood. No one should forget Mayor Sylvester Turner signed an executive order banning chokeholds. No one should forget that more of America’s sons will make it home at night. Most of all let us not forget that George is no longer just a man. He is the martyr that moved the nation to call for change.

The family and community came out in droves to pay their last respects to the father, son, brother, and friend they all knew as Big Floyd. With all the success of sports and music, George never imagined his city would show up 60,000 strong in protest to march in his honor. Many gestures were made by celebrities in support of the family i.e. Al Sharpton performing the eulogy, Kanye West paying for little Giana’s college education and Floyd Mayweather gifting the bill on a funeral fit for a king, right here in his home town with those who loved and cherished him most.

Horse-drawn carriage for the final mile.

Special thanks to the officers who assisted with the funeral and to Chief Acevedo for standing with the people when it counted most. Let us remember to hold people accountable for their actions. Stop the deadly police encounters with policy reform, therapy, and extensive training.

I know this blog took you less than 8 minutes and 46 seconds to read but it sure felt like a long time.

Message: 401 years is definitely too long to be on the neck of an entire race of people.

Press Release

Goldman Sachs to donate $110,000 to COVID-19 relief efforts in Dallas
DALLAS — Goldman Sachs has notified Mayor Eric Johnson that it will donate $110,000 to the Dallas Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund. The donation is intended
to help COVID-19 relief efforts.”Dallas, like every city, has been hit hard by the
COVID-19 pandemic. We will get through this, and we will emerge stronger
than we were before, but it will take all of us working together,” Mayor
Johnson said. “I am grateful to Goldman Sachs for putting our community first with this generous donation, which will help our residents in their time of
need.” “We than Mayor Johnson for his continued commitment to business in Dallas,” said Asahi Pompey, Global Head of Corporate Engagement and
President, Goldman Sachs Foundation. “We are proud to join the Mayor in this vital mission to support the Dallas community.”The Dallas Foundation
sponsors the fund, which had approximately $740,000 in it before Goldman
Sachs’ donation. The fund was created initially to aid the city as it sheltered
refugees from Hurricane Katrina. The money in the Mayor’s Disaster Relief
Fund can only be used in the event of a federally declared disaster. Texas
received a federal disaster declaration for the COVID-19 pandemic on March 25. Businesswoman and former U.S.
Ambassador Jeanne Phillips chairs the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund advisory
committee. The other members of the committee are UT-Southwestern Vice
President for Community and Corporate Relations Ruben Esquivel, The Beck
Group’s Executive Chairman Peter Beck, City Manager T.C. Broadnax, Mayor
Johnson’s Chief of Staff Mary Elbanna, and Matthew Randazzo, the CEO and
President of The Dallas Foundation. “The public’s outpouring of support in
response to the immediate needs of our neighbors most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic has been inspiring. We continue to hold that as a priority and
must begin looking ahead to our community’s recovery from this significant
disruption,” Randazzo said. “Goldman Sachs’ gift to the Mayor’s Disaster Relief Fund of The Dallas Foundation signals an investment in tomorrow’s Dallas, in which we all work to help every individual and family reach their full

A little something for all ages to enjoy: A Lake Conroe Staycation.

A little something for all ages to enjoy: A Lake Conroe Staycation.

staycation (a portmanteau of “stay” and “vacation”), or holistay (a portmanteau of “holiday” and “stay”), is a period in which an individual or family stays home and participates in leisure activities within driving distance of their home and does not require overnight accommodations.

A staycation may not require you to stay overnight but that is exactly what we did. I live in Spring, TX which is north of Houston and less than an hour’s drive from Lake Conroe. This past week was Spring Break for the twins and this year’s break fell during the Coronavirus Pandemic. We decided it would be the perfect time to get away somewhere close.

In light of the self-distancing warnings, we decided to skip the luxurious hotels and Rock Star Treatment and go for the do it yourself and fend on your own experience. The selected location would need to suite the twins (7), and the grandparents (60+) and us middle-aged adults. During the planning process, I decided it had to be a place that would accommodate us all. We went for a VRBO that would offer privacy and easy access to the lake. Sometimes online selections can be quite the task. Beware photos don’t always do a property justice. Be sure to read reviews.

We were in luck. The Walden on Lake Conroe had several options to choose from and 114 had a little something for us all. The inside of the property we selected was great. The bedroom furniture was a bit dated but everything was clean. Cleanliness is of utmost importance to me. The lake view from the patio and master bedroom was a treat and even my dog Chloe took time to enjoy. This place is the perfect getaway to unwind and unplug. The wifi code was posted in the pantry so you know I took the opportunity to get a little work in.

Our host had thought of everything. We were provided with games, movies, pool access, a list of accessible cable channels, pet, cooking and fishing supplies. Not to forget the Egyptian Cotton Sheets, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and a trundle for extra guests. These amenities kept my family unplugged giving America time to figure out what they wanted to do about the Coronavirus Outbreak. 

This Lakefront Condo was but steps away from the dock. This gave my children plenty of opportunities to run, play and pick up a pole anytime they were ready. We had swimming pool access and met just a few visiting neighbors. The property also offers a community pool, event center, marina and restaurant within walking distance. The twins and I went for morning jogs and late night fishing trips. This gave us plenty of photo opportunities to get their Instagram popping. The grandparents were happy to eat the daily catch and enjoy the relaxing view. The only traffic to see are the boats drifting in and out from the jetty.

In the area: Golfing, Liquor Store and soon to come Margaritaville is less than 2 miles away.

Message: During this time I would like to encourage everyone not to give up and get their business in order. During my holiday I chose to sharpen my business skills and set up knowledge by reading How To Catch A Mouse With No Cheese by Donnie P. Donnie explains the ins and outs of starting a new business with little to no money. He walks us through the steps that are most important for small business owners. His 20 plus years of experience give great insight.

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All Screwed Up Press Conference

A new biographical series based on the life of Houston’s iconic DJ Screw is set to release this year for his 20 year memorial. Directed by multi-platinum record producer turned filmmaker Isaac “Chill” Yowman, the series All Screwed Up details the rise of DJ Screw and the musical revolution he pioneered with his “chopped and screwed” sound. 

The Legendary DJ Screw (born Robert Earl Davis Jr.) had a compelling life as a ground-breaking DJ and inventor of a signature style that has transformed pop culture and music for two decades and spring-boarded the careers of some of the biggest names in hip hop. His slowed down chopped and screwed technique has been featured in Academy and Golden Globe award-winning films and on dozens of multi-platinum billboard chart-topping songs. Artists like Beyonce, Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, and Kendrick Lamar have been influenced heavily by his pioneering sound. 
The “All Screwed Up” press conference gave us insight on where the producers are headed mentally with this project. Attendees were also afforded the privilege of seeing DJ Screw’s sister accept his proclamation from the City of Houston for his contributions.

Every Beautiful Inch

by Simply.Tennille

Weekend In Review: St. Thomas USVI

Photo Edited by: Richard Holman Photography LLC Copyright: January 2020

Hey there, travel buds!

A few weeks ago, I traveled down to St. Thomas to enjoy a weekend getaway. To my surprise my room was booked at the Ritz Carlton.  I traveled alone to meet a group of unsuspecting locals for a photo shoot among the views and sand of impeccable quality.  From the minute the plane landed I was overwhelmed by beautiful views from every angle.

My ride to the Hotel was none the less breath taking and this Islands beauty seemed to never end. As I approached the resort style hotel I immediately knew this place was keen on service oriented staff who took pride in their jobs. I was served the Lemongrass Tea, signature drink for Ritz Carlton, St. Thomas. Upon arrival you are also given a chilled towel soaked in yet another lemon grass signature recipe. During check in I peered out the many open windows to see this resort over looked Great Bay and the island of St. John. Crystal clear turquoise water and the sound of wind rustling through palm tree leaves that I now know are fronds.  Seems I had already fallen in love with every beautiful inch of this island.

My arduous flight afforded me the luxury of spending the day in the Airport of Puerto Rico. I experience an earthquake, and got a makeover by M.A.C all in the same day. Warning! The coffee here should be served with a signature motto ‘only the strong survive’.

You will soon come accustomed to my local dive hopping, but I am most interested in cuisine native to the island. I had been told that the food here was horrible. Go figure. I was taken by a local to several places that had dishes that were to die for but definitely not indigenous to the island. I rather enjoyed their take on enchiladas but the Brussels Salad turned out to be an unexpected treat. So be sure to stop by Agave.

Time to ask some questions, Right? Here is what I found: Food in St. Thomas is EXPENSIVE for the most part as it is imported and very little, if anything is grown locally. The island has only been up and running for about a year now after suffering devastating hurricanes.
Local food is very hard to find as most restaurants serve food that you find in most metropolitan cities.

Ooops! Forgot to take a picture of the Food Center. My, My, My, it must have taken years to come up with that name. Food Center is the local market or our equivalent to a supermarket/grocery store.

I hear nothing beats the local food and here is where you can find it. It’s less expensive if you are feeling adventurous. I was busy living my best life and being spoiled to venture out on this trip. Maybe, next time.
Follow these directions closely….
– As you head from the airport and take 30 to Charlotte Amalie, on your right side you will see a Pueblo supermarket. Across the street from the supermarket, we found a van selling empanadas with varieties such as beef, chicken, shellfish, shrimp and conch. For a total of 9.50, you can eat some tasty local treats.
– During the weekends in Charlotte Amalie, next to the stores there is a flea market. If you walk one block past the flea market, and if you are lucky, you will see food stands as a local school is selling food to raise money for their schools. Go for the Johnny Cakes, chicken with rice and beans and saltfish. All under 5 dollars.

– Free-range is a real thing here. The roosters and chickens are everywhere and you can definitely taste the difference between St. Thomas chicken and those from your local grocer.

Maho Beach, St. John Island

Ranked as one of the top 10 beaches by some publications and when you get there, you see why. No entry fee, free concert, quiet beach with snorkeling opportunities, concessions and boat anchoring.

I caught a ferry to the island and rode the Saffari for the experience. Both rides continued to impress and by this time I was catching myself exhaling from trying to keep a natural breathing pattern. Breath taking is an understatement. While waiting on a trip up the hilly terrain I got a history lesson from one of the locals selling merch in the very spot our ancestors were sold. The islands are rich in culture and history. However, I did notice they are still quite segregated. St. John is a protected National Park, most of the island can still be found in its natural state. If you are a hiker this is the spot for you. This National Park offers 20 trail options.

The Bad

Don’t expect the bathroom to look like much more than a crap house. Period

St. John Island is where I chose to test out my Sapphire (sapphirego.com). Personal Hotspot that works in over 130 countries and is ready to go out of the box they boast. Well the excitement was short lived. Ready to go actually means hook it to WiFi first then it’s ready to go!!

Speaking of options: If you have the opportunity visit Extra Virgin. Reserve a spot early. Here you will receive impeccable service, great drinks and amazingly delicious food. I tried several things on the menu from scallops to pasta and ended with a steak that was seared to perfection. I almost couldn’t make the ferry ride home. Be careful of this as the ferry stops running at a certain time and you will be trapped on the island until morning.  Yikes

Did I say the bathroom on the beach was a crap house. Period

If you are looking for a beach side destination for your upcoming nuptials you may want to rethink this as your location. It is very windy here this time of year and the rains can get relentless at the spur of a moment. Indoor functions would be a safer bet.

It was so lovely waking up early, walking out on to my balcony and just taking in the view. The hotel is currently under construction and the workers gave me a little entertainment as the rains insisted upon ruining their day. They stayed diligent and insistent on getting the job done. Morning coffee from the Nespresso wasn’t bad and I could never get tired of waking up like this. Off to brunch I go.

Fisherman’s Market offers Sunday brunch. The selection was lacking and the mimosas were of poor champagne quality. Some rather loud guests next to my table forced me to look out to the beautiful sea yet again. The service reminded me to slow down and be patient, and enjoy. The smoked salmon benedict looked wonderful but lacked in flavor.

 Ritz Carlton offers a breakfast spread in the club lounge to those who opt in to club access. All of the staff members were extremely kind and accommodating, always going above and beyond to make sure my stay was carefree and easy. They even transported you on call. Although St. Thomas has countless famous beaches and restaurants to check out, I would have been happy staying put. The Ritz had everything I needed for a weekend getaway … relaxation, beautiful beaches, sun, accommodating service and a beautiful pool area. Photos opportunities are a must. Massages are available through the Spa.

The Rum Hut and Sapphire Night club were fun additions to this trip and cannot go unmentioned. The swings, flowing drinks and thump of hip hop music keep you in a great mood . The Sapphire offers a beach side party.

Not going to make it 2 hours early to the airport. No problem. When you arrive you will soon realize just like on the rest of the island no one is in a rush and all that awaits you is a magazine stand and one eatery. Oh and no worries about finding your gate. You will get this later.

Shorts-Tees-Flowy Dress-Sandals and Bikinis

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At age 34, I made the decision not to allow child birth to end my good time girl life. Transportation Entrepreneur turned Media Maven.  I currently host a podcast, ‘I’m Just Saying’, on 953jamz.com. Which sent me on a mission to find interesting topics, people, places and locations to report on.

I have also decided to travel to the hottest events and locations around the globe to give my friends an inside look without having to be there. My ultimate goal is to show readers like YOU how to travel the world on your own and attend events like a boss easily, safely, and sometimes with the family in tow.

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